At the other side 

On my Birthday I received a present form my friend  and Bass Player  Janne Brandter  from  Stockholm -Sweden!

Four songs recorded in Stockholm in the middle of the 80`s that I had almost totally forgot about!

The name of the band “Tons of Sobs” was  inspired by the synonymous album released  by FREE in 1968!

I listened to the MP3`s and they all sounded fantastic so I now started to upload them on SOUNDCLOUD

one by one!

"At The Other Side”  is the first one I wrote and recorded , and it was captured  Live with Two Guitars ,Bass and Drums 

Enjoy and as always your thoughts and comments are  welcome!

My Birthday Present! An amazing Flying V Legacy 2019! The guitar of my dreams! 

Gibson`s Flying V  has been a dream guitar for me since I first heard Wishbone Ash Argus!

Although a  Fender Stratocaster fanatic because of my love of Eric Clapton first album and of course Jimi Hendrix “Are you Experienced ”  I was hooked to the  Flying V especially after hearing the young Michael Schenker on "Force it” by UFO and the next three albums featuring him on the  guitar!

But I was always reluctant because of the shape and the fear that I could not play one while sitting down !

No I`ve got me one for my Birthday on September 7th from my wife Kathleen!

The way it was presented to me, while on vacation,  staying at our beloved American Hotel it was just an unforgettable experience created by Kathleen especially for me!

With a big Birthday Cake and a chorus of friends singing Happy Birthday while in the dining room the guitar of my dreams was waiting for me plugged in a Supro and ready to Rock!

It took me a while, after playing it in front of a mesmerized audience, to realize  that This Guitar Was Mine!

I will never forget the thrill I experienced in holding her and realizing that this dream of mine was now a reality and this new guitar became immediately a part of me and an extension of my body!

It Plays Feels and Sounds astonishing and the dream sound I was having in my head all these years is now at the tip of my fingertips!

Forever grateful to my dear wife Kathleen who knows all my dreams and wishes more than I do and for going to such extend research for this holly grail to be presented to me at the right time tin the right place with the right people to experience it with! 

Thank you my Love!



Blues the Healer !  


 This playlist  includes my favorite guitar players tones and song that I grew up listening to

plus  a mix of new artists that I love!


Updated weekly is a great boost of feelings and emotions through great blues tunes that rock!


Enjoy,Like,Follow and Share please if you dig it of course !

Blues the Healer


Downloading VS Streaming 

It is time to understand the difference between the two.

Stream to discover and explore,  Download to enjoy the best  sound quality  and to  support the artist!

When I was growing up in  Athens  I was always on the look out where to buy the best quality new vinyl records,

which was  the best Stereo system  and ways  to enhance my listening experience! I loved Music!

 Most of the times I was paying almost double the money for to get my hands on an American or German prints, 

which in my opinion had  better sound  quality than some Greek vinyl prints  depending  on the quality  of the  vinyl

which was  used for  a better printing results.

Now the same applies to streaming and downloading an album or a single!

When you stream you reduce your listening experience to about 25% depending on the streaming service.

I found that  to be accurately true when I listen via -u-tube while on Spotify I would rate a 15-20 % reduced quality  and thus better quality  than -u-tube

It is as if you have an amazing musical library in your disposal where you can navigate and discover all kinds of music and artists

an impossible task if you had to buy  and pay for every single and album and I love that.

I spent hours of listening and discovering new artists and new music but in the end and If I continue listening via a good stereo 

and good speakers I get tired of missing all the important nuances in the music.

Where are the highs where are the lows how  come everything sound dull and as if you would need  to clean the tape heads 

or get a new stylus for your turntable ?

It is as if you listen music via radio broadcasting and you discover the new songs and artists that you like

 and then you go out to  buy that single  or the  album that you discovered  and loved  for  to enjoy its recording quality in front t of  your speakers.

That kind of sound quality you can  Now Only Hear when you Download the album or the single of the artists  that you love.

When you download music then you buy the MP3 and you download it to your computer and it is YOURS to have and enjoy playing.

When you stream it is as if you share that same MP3 with hundreds , thousands or million more listeners, depending on how popular the artist is

and thus your musical experience is not at all the same as when you listen to the MP3 files that you have downloaded into  your computer.

So by all means stream as much as you want but when you find something you really like Download it so that you can experience the music  the artist

 spent so many hours crafting the best way he/she could  for you to experience it , and then  lay back and say WOW!

It is MUSIC to My Ears!





My Upcoming Single Release "Rain and Tears" 

Hello World!

So very excited  to announce my upcoming new single release  "Rain and Tears" on Friday 11/12/20!

I wrote the music and the lyrics I sang  and I played all guitars and the keys on the recording.

My trusted friend and Bass Player Ivan Bodley is on the bass and Rich Kulsnar on the drums.

It was recorded and mixed by Denise Barbarita  at Mono Lisa studios  and mastered  by the great  Alan Silverman.

Cover art done by my dear brother in law Michael Cromwell!


Be the first one to download it right here on my website!



Rain and Tears 

Very excited about my upcoming single release!

"Rain and Tears"  Is the title of it!

A Family affair again since Michael Cromwell my brother in law designed the cover as he also did on my  previous release

"Feel Like a Superstar! 

Planning for it`s release in time for the holiday season so stay tuned!

More info coming soon!

Keep on Rockin`

Feel like a Superstar 

My new single "Feel Like a Superstar"  is ready for release on May 22nd. 

I am super excited about it since I had so much fun writing it and recording it back in  January mixing  and mastering it  

in February and I feel that Now it is the right time for its release with its  hopeful message and its driving and  rocking  beat. 

These two pics are from the studio  MONOLISA  where the recordings took place in January. 

Bringing my Mesa Boogie Studio 22  with me I later discovered a great Orange that belonged…

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One of my favorite ballads that I wrote back in 1995 inspired by a much beloved beach at the end of Samaria Gorge

 Agia Roumeli in  Chania Crete .

From the album "Fota tou Iliggou" that was released in 1996, and later was remastered and re-released in 2000 with the title 

"I Magissa tis Arapias".

It became a radio favorite and was voted one of the best  ballads in August  1996.

"Exafanisi" Means Disappearance  and it refers to being so much in love and lost in love that only your lover could find you and no…

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Blues The Healer 

Happy Monday my friends with best wishes to stay indoors and healthy! 

My Updated playlist on Spotify  "The Blues"

will keep you company and heal your soul. 

Enjoy share and follow to spread the healing around!

The Blues 

Are my companion and the source of inspiration, always and especially in times like these!

So I made a new playlist on Spotify where you can enjoy listening and jam along (if you are a musician)

Check it out and if you like what you hear please press the follow me button to show your love!


Back in the studio! 

So excited to have started the recordings for two new singles!

With my favorite people at my favorite studio!

More updates to be followed so stay tuned!


Super Excited happy and proud for the release of my new album !!

Get yours today and enjoy!


"Sweet Thing" is the title of my  new E.P. of six songs and the title of one of the songs!

Ready to be released any day now still checking which cover is  the best!

Johnny Winter Tribute 

I am so happy and excited to play a tribute to one of my favorite guitar players Johnny Winter at one of my favorite clubs in 

NYC located at 52nd st. the Club Bonafide.

We are going to play songs from many different albums that cover both his Blues and Rock sides and its gonna be a real fun night that you don't want to miss!

So if you read this come down and share the fun and excitement.

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!

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Eric Clapton Acoustic Tribute Feat. Spiros Soukis & John Ross

Bonafide, 212 East 52nd Street, New York, NY

"Layla and other assorted love songs"

An acoustic tribute to Eric Clapton


Make Friends

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Make Friends

Live At B.B.King`s-Lucille`s

Mark The Date! MAY 29th 2020!