One of my favorite ballads that I wrote back in 1995 inspired by a much beloved beach at the end of Samaria Gorge

 Agia Roumeli in  Chania Crete .

From the album "Fota tou Iliggou" that was released in 1996, and later was remastered and re-released in 2000 with the title 

"I Magissa tis Arapias".

It became a radio favorite and was voted one of the best  ballads in August  1996.

"Exafanisi" Means Disappearance  and it refers to being so much in love and lost in love that only your lover could find you and no…

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Blues The Healer 

Happy Monday my friends with best wishes to stay indoors and healthy! 

My Updated playlist on Spotify  "The Blues"

will keep you company and heal your soul. 

Enjoy share and follow to spread the healing around!

The Blues 

Are my companion and the source of inspiration, always and especially in times like these!

So I made a new playlist on Spotify where you can enjoy listening and jam along (if you are a musician)

Check it out and if you like what you hear please press the follow me button to show your love!


Back in the studio! 

So excited to have started the recordings for two new singles!

With my favorite people at my favorite studio!

More updates to be followed so stay tuned!


Super Excited happy and proud for the release of my new album !!

Get yours today and enjoy!


"Sweet Thing" is the title of my  new E.P. of six songs and the title of one of the songs!

Ready to be released any day now still checking which cover is  the best!

Johnny Winter Tribute 

I am so happy and excited to play a tribute to one of my favorite guitar players Johnny Winter at one of my favorite clubs in 

NYC located at 52nd st. the Club Bonafide.

We are going to play songs from many different albums that cover both his Blues and Rock sides and its gonna be a real fun night that you don't want to miss!

So if you read this come down and share the fun and excitement.

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!


Robin Trower Tribute at Bonafide 

I love Robin Trower.

He has been a huge influence on my tone and playing and I still go back to his early albums for inspiration.


We did the tribute at Bonafide  with great success on a snowy freezing Tuesday night and we are looking forward to do it again soon.



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